Fifa women’s World cup 2019 Schedule, Fixtures -Download PDF Format

2019 Fifa women’s world cup will be the eighth edition of fifa womens world cup which will be played in France country. This Women’s Football world cup Tournament will be played between 7 June – 7 July 2019 in 9 venues of france country. This is the first occasion france will be host women’s world cup tournament.

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United States are the defending champions of the Fifa women’s WC competition. Total 24 Teams from the six confederations are took part in this competition.

Fifa Women’s World cup 2019 Groups

Check out Fifa women’s world cup qualified teams here.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Starting Date – 7 June 2019

FIFA ladies world cup 2019 End Date (Grand Finale) – 7 July 2019

Fifa Women’s world cup 2019 Schedule & Fixtures – Download in PDF format

019 FIFA Women’s World Cup match schedule:

Group / MatchTime (local)MatchVenueTV
Friday 7th June 2019
Group A / Match 121:00[A1] France v [A2]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Saturday 8th June 2019
Group A / Match 215:00[A3] v [A4]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group B / Match 321:00[B1] v [B2]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Group B / Match 418:00[B3] v [B4]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Sunday 9th June 2019
Group C / Match 513:00[C1] v [C2]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Group C / Match 615:30[C3] v [C4]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group D / Match 718:00[D1] v [D2]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Monday 10th June 2019
Group D / Match 818:00[D3] v [D4]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Group E / Match 921:00[E1] v [E2]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Tuesday 11th June 2019
Group E / Match 1015:00[E3] v [E4]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Group F / Match 1121:00[F1] v [F2]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group F / Match 1218:00[F3] v [F4]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Wednesday 12th June 2019
Group A / Match 1321:00[A1] France v [A3]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Group A / Match 1415:00[A4] v [A2]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group B / Match 1518:00[B1] v [B3]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Thursday 13th June 2019
Group B / Match 1621:00[B4] v [B2]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Group C / Match 1718:00[C1] v [C3]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Friday 14th June 2019
Group C / Match 1821:00[C2] v [C4]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group D / Match 1918:00[D1] v [D3]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Group D / Match 2015:00[D4] v [D2]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Saturday 15th June 2019
Group E / Match 2121:00[E1] v [E3]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group E / Match 2218:00[E4 v [E2]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Sunday 16th June 2019
Group F / Match 2315:00[F1] v [F3]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Group F / Match 2418:00[F4] v [F2]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Monday 17th June 2019
Group A / Match 2521:00[A4] v France [A1]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Group A / Match 2621:00[A2] v [A3]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group B / Match 2718:00[B4] v [B1]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Group B / Match 2818:00[B2] v [B3]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Tuesday 18th June 2019
Group C / Match 2921:00[C4] v [C1]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group C / Match 3021:00[C2] v [C3]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Wednesday 19th June 2019
Group D / Match 3121:00[D4] v [D1]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Group D / Match 3221:00[D2] v [D3]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Thursday 20th June 2019
Group E / Match 3318:00[E4] v [E1]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group E / Match 3418:00[E2] v [E3]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Group F / Match 3521:00[F4] v [F1]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Group F / Match 3621:00[F2] v [F3]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC

Knockout stage

Round of 16
Saturday 22 June18:30MATCH 37:  [2A] v [2C]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Saturday 22 June15:00MATCH 38:  [1B] v [3ACD]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Sunday 23 June17:30MATCH 39:  [1D] v [3BEF]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Sunday 23 June21:00MATCH 40:  [1A] v [3CDE]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Monday 24 June18:00MATCH 41:  [2B] v [2F]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Monday 24 June21:00MATCH 42:  [1F] v [2E]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Tuesday 25 June18:00MATCH 43:  [1C] v [3ABF]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Tuesday 25 June21:00MATCH 44:  [1E] v [2D]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Thursday 27 June21:00MATCH 45:  [W37] v [W39]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Friday 28 June21:00MATCH 46:  [W40] v [W41]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Saturday 29 June15:00MATCH 47:  [W43] v [W44]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Saturday 29 June18:30MATCH 48:  [W38] v [W42]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Tuesday 2 July21:00MATCH 49:  [W45] v [W46]Stade de Lyon, LyonTBC
Wednesday 3 July21:00MATCH 50:  [W47] v [W48]Stade de Lyon, LyonTBC
Match for 3rd
Saturday 6 July17:00MATCH 51:  [L49] v [L50]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
The Final
Sunday 7 July17:00MATCH 52:  [W49] v [W50]Stade de Lyon, LyonTBC

Note : Schedule are subject to change.

Schedule and Fixtures of the upcoming Fifa world cup 2019 for women’s are yet not announced. As soon as confirm list are announced we share here. So bookmark this page and comes after some time.

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