Team One Liner Slogans of 32 Participating Nations of World cup 2018

We are inching closer day by day for the One of the Best football Tournament of the year of 2018 Fifa world cup. For that All the Organizers has been made a team slongans of All participating teams of 32 Nations for the russia world cup.

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If we look at the slogan of Host Russia for the world cup 2018 is “Play with an Open Heart” Which is sync of the motto of the fifa of “For the Game. For the World.”

A combination of pictures taken in June 2014 shows supporters from various countries during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. AFP PHOTO

2018 World cup Tournament will be kick off on 14th June with the Group A Fixtures of Russia vs Saudi Arabia.

This idea of made football fans worldwide a chance to send in one-liners representing their national side at the world cup was starts by FIFA in 2006.”The winning slogans will be displayed on the 32 team buses at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.”

FIFA World Cup 2018 Team Slogans of 32 Participating Nations in Russia

  1. Argentina: UNIDOS POR UNA ILUSIÓN (Together for a dream)
  4. Brazil: MAIS QUE 5 ESTRELAS 200 MILHÕES DE CORAÇÕES (More than 5 stars, 200 million hearts)
  5. Colombia: AQUÍ VAN 1 SUEÑO, 3 COLORES Y 50 MILLONES DE CORAZONES (Here goes 1 dream, 3 colors and 50 million hearts)
  6. Costa Rica: NO HAY IMPOSIBLE CUANDO JUEGA TODO UN PAÍS (Nothing is impossible when a whole country plays)
  7. Croatia: MALA ZEMLJA. VELIKI SNOVI (Small country, big dreams)
  8. Denmark: SAMMEN SKABER VI HISTORIE (Together We Make History)
  10. Egypt: لما نقول الفراعنة الدنيا تقوم تسمعنا (When You Say Pharaohs, The World Must Get Up And Listen)
  11. France: VOTRE FORCE, NOTRE PASSION. ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!! (Your Strength, Our Passion! Come On Les Bleus!)
  12. Germany: ZUSAMMEN. GESCHICHTE SCHREIBEN (Let’s Write History Together)
  13. Iceland: Látum drauminn verða að veruleika (Let’s Make Our Dream Come True)
  14. Iran: 80 million people, 1 nation , 1 heart beat
  15. Japan: いざ「闘え」、サムライブルー!(It’s Time To Battle, Samurai Blue!)
  16. Korea Republic: 아시아의 호랑이, 세계를 삼켜라 (Tigers Of Asia, Conquer The World)
  17. Mexico: ¡HECHOS EN MÉXICO!, ¡HECHOS PARA LA VICTORIA! (Made In Mexico, Made For Victory)
  18. Morocco: اسود الاطلس فخر المغرب (The Atlas Lions, Pride Of Morocco)
  19. Nigeria: the wings of african pride
  20. Panama: ¡PANAMÁ! LA FUERZA DE DOS MARES (Panama The Force Of Two Seas)
  21. Peru: ¡ESTAMOS DE VUELTA! ACÁ VIAJAN MÁS DE 30 MILLONES DE PERUANOS! (We Are Back! 30 Million Peruvians Are Travelling Here)
  22. Poland: POLSKA DAWAJ! (GO POLAND!)
  23. Portugal: O PASSADO É GLÓRIA, O PRESENTE É HISTÓRIA (The past is glory, the present is history)
  24. Russia: ИГРАЙ С ОТКРЫТЫМ СЕРДЦЕМ (Play with an open heart)
  25. Saudi Arabia: فرسان الصحراء (Desert Knights)
  26. Senegal: IMPOSSIBLE N’EST PAS SÉNÉGALAIS (Impossible Is Not Senegalese)
  27. Serbia: Jedan tim, jedan san – Srbija! (One Team, One Dream – Serbia!)
  28. Spain: JUNTOS SOMOS INVENCIBLES (Together We Are Invincible)
  29. Sweden: TILLSAMMANS FÖR SVERIGE! (Together For Sweden!)
  31. Tunisia: يا روسيا جاوك النسور. يد وحدة ملاعبية و جمهور (Russia Here Comes The Eagles Hand In Hand Players And Fans)
  32. Uruguay: BRILLA EL SOL EN RUSIA, EL CIELO ES TODO CELESTE (The Sun Shines In Russia, The Sky Is All Light Blue)

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