Which Team advance to Round of 16 from Each Group ? Points Table Latest Scenario

So far, only France has qualified for the next round of the World Cup. Out of the 15 teams left, only a few will make it. Let’s take a look at which teams they will be and how they might advance to the final round in place of those that have lost.

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What’s Rules to Reach in Round of 16 for Each Group

The straightforward rule is, the two teams with the most points in the group will advance to the next round. If they are tied on points, the two teams leading goal difference will advance to the next round.

If they still can’t split, then the team with the most goals will go to the next round.

Okay, let’s see then: for the teams who play two matches each, which team has the possibility of going to the next round?

Group A:


Netherlands: Can secure a spot in the knockout stage with a win over Qatar.

Ecuador : With a victory or draw against Senegal, Ecuador can make it through to the round of 16. They would have the tournament’s runner-up if they were able to better the result of Netherlands.

Qatar: Already eliminated.

Senegal has several paths that could lead it to qualify based on the group’s current table. It can advance with a win against Ecuador, draw versus Ecuador and the Netherlands losing to Qatar, or as things stand now if it beats Ecuador and draws or loses to the Netherlands.

Group B:


England: Can win the group with a win over Wales. Can qualify for the next round with a draw or a loss by fewer than six goals and the USA draw or loss.

Iran: Can Qualify for the round of 16 with a win or draw against England by more than 4 goals.

USA: Can win with a win and an England loss, with an Englan draw or loss, or can lose to Egypt 1-0 and get eliminated if England score less than 6 goals against them.

Wales: Can Qualify for the round of 16 by beating England and Iran, they can also beat england by more than 4 goals but need to defeat iran.

Group C:

Saudi Arabia2101-13

It will be difficult for Poland to win the tournament. They would need a victory over Argentina with the help of a draw against Saudi Arabia, or else they would only win the group if Argentina lost by three goals its final match. If Poland lose and do not beat either Saudi Arabia or Argentina, they would be knocked out of the competition no matter what happens in Argentina’s final match. Ultimately, Mexico has a good chance of qualifying as long as they win both their matches and make up the one goal difference on Saudi Arabia or Poland before both facing Spain next week.

Group D:


France: Already Qualified.

Australia : Qualifying for the World Cup is no easy task, but per our gut checks, Australia can qualify with a win over Denmark or a Tunisian draw or loss.

Denmark: Can qualify with a win against Australia. 

Tunisia :They needs to beat France by one goal and counter the victory with a win over Denmark. While Tunisia can also qualify if they defeat France by more than one goal and then draw with Australia in its final match.

Group E:

Costa Rica2101-63

Spain : Spain has a difficult path to the World Cup Final. But they don’t have a lot to lose. If they can qualify with a win or draw against Japan, they’ll head into quarterfinals as one of the top two seeds. They also can advance with a loss to Japan and a draw between Germany and Costa Rica.

Japan : Japan is currently in a three-team tie for second place with Spain and Costa Rica. They can also qualify if they beat Spain and have a better goal difference than Costa Rica. If Japan beats Germany, then wins the match but has a worse goal difference than Costa Rica, then Japan would need to play for an extra goal in regulation to win the group.

Costa Rica : Costa Rica can qualify with a victory over Germany or a loss by one of Japan, Spain or a draw between the two.

Germany : Any team that needs to qualify for the World Cup is able to do so with the right mix of results. Together, a sole win and a loss by Spain or Japan could be enough to qualify. A win and a draw will also guarantee advancement.

Group F:


Croatia: Can advance with a win over Belgium. Can also qualify with a draw and Morocco’s loss to Canada, or a win-loss-draw of France, Sweden, or Russia.

Morocco : Morocco can qualify for the World Cup by winning, against Canada or with a loss and a win against Belgium. They can also qualify by losing and winning their match against Croatia. If they are to win their remaining three games and have a better goal difference than Croatia.

Belgium : If Belgium defeats Croatia, it will qualify for the next phase of group play. But, if Morocco draws or loses by at least 3 goals, Belgium would not be able to qualify.

Canada: This country is already eliminated

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