Live Streaming Football in India – What You Need to Know

While cricket is still the most-watched sport in India, football has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. In fact, the Indian Super League (ISL) is the fifth biggest football league in the world, with around 155 million followers. These followers regularly watch not only ISL games but also games from around the world, such as matches from the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

When it comes to watching live football in India, there are several different options. We are going to take a look at five of these options that offer different football live streaming experiences. 

Disney+ Hotstar VIP

For anyone who wants to watch Premier League games in India, Disney+ Hotstar VIP is the place to go. Signing up for an account gives access to sports events as well as top TV shows and movies. This means that football fans get access to other great content once the match is over.

The cost of a subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP varies depending on the package that is chosen. Earlier this year, the company announced an affordable package for Rs 399 for one year. This gives access to sporting events but there are limits on other content such as movies and there is no access to Disney originals.


This option may be a good choice for sports fans who want to place a bet on a football match without having to leave the site to watch the game. Not all football games are live-streamed on this famous betting site, but a good selection are. Anyone who wants to watch the games needs to register for an account.

There are also some other eligibility requirements that must be met. Fans must have a funded account and must have placed a bet within 24 hours in order to watch sports live streams, according to the site JustGamblers that we have been in contact with when we did the research.


JioTV is an overarching live streaming app for desktop and phone that allows viewers to access content from different streaming providers in one place. The basic cost of a Jio set-top box is Rs 2500. There are also monthly subscription charges that apply depending on content packages.

Anyone who wants to view all of their content in one place may prefer to use JioTV. They can contact the company to check out subscription charges for content from providers including Disney+ Hotstar and Sony LIV. 


MyCujoo is a slightly different football live streaming experience that aims to promote less popular matches, such as those from junior or amateur leagues. It also aims to promote the fast-growing sport of women’s football. The site is global and gives sports teams the opportunity to live-stream their matches to fans.

Teams can also monetise their content. This gives football fans the opportunity to see content that is relevant to them and give their local clubs a helping hand at the same time.


SonyLiv is one of the top Internet TV providers in India. It gives fans the opportunity to watch matches from top football competitions across the world. Competitions that are screened include La Liga, Serie A, and UEFA Champions League.

Much of the content on SonyLiv is free to view. However, viewers do have to put up with watching advertisements around the game. This may be worth doing for people who want to watch top-class football affordably.

All of these options can be a good choice for watching live streams of football in India. Fans need to make their choice of viewing option depending on their favored content and how much they can afford to spend on subscription charges.

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